Monday, February 3, 2014

DIY at Your Doorstep

Did you know you can get an entire craft project delivered on your doorstep in two days?  My Facebook is typically the bane of my existence, that is until a few days ago when it suggested I like the page "Darby Smart".  I'll admit, I mostly clicked the link because my sister has a dog named Darby… how random is that?  When I got to the website… I fell in love with Darby Smart.  LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!  (site? hehe).

First you have to sign up with them, then you have access to their full site.  They have a selection of craft projects; ring dishes, candle holders, purses, and new projects all the time to choose from.  They're fun AND affordable; not to mention that you get $10 off on your first purchase just for signing up.  The project I am going to show you now was $19 but I got it for $9…  did I mention FREE two day shipping???  FREE!

They have several different options for crafting: you can buy a kit with enough for a Girls Night In project (enough materials for four projects) or you can get a monthly subscriptions for $19 and get your monthly craft project shipped right to your home!  Isn't that cool?

If you're already typing in the website at this point follow this link for $10 off which also gives me a great bonus: Darby Smart

For those of you who are less convinced (and those who are!); check out my first project below:

Here's the beautiful package that arrived at my door:

Pretty, yes?

I decided to purchase the Critter Ring Dish kit with a landmark theme.  The kit came with instructions, two ceramic dishes, super glue, a gold paint pen, four landmarks, and a glossy sealant.

First, I painted my chosen landmarks: this kit came with the Arc de Triumph, Taj Mahal, Tower of Piza and the Statue of Liberty (others included Big Ben or the Eiffel Tower).  They also have dogs, cats, and dinos as choices.
Lady Liberty

                       Leaning Tower

Next, I made my design on my ring dish.  I was REALLY nervous, I didn't want to mess it up and ruin the project.  HOWEVER, the marker did come off with a wipe or some gentle scratching and I was able to start over a few times.  Instead of a design that I would agonize over being perfect, I went with words:

Next, I did the rim of the dish with the gold paint.  On the "I love NY" dish I did the gold rim without any assistance, as you can see there are a few rough edges.  In the "Ciao bella" dish, I used tape around the edges to guide the paint pen, which worked great!

Then, you can use the spray sealant to seal in the gold paint on your monuments.  I skipped this step for now since it's not safe to use those kind of materials in an area that's not well ventilated (or in my case, a room with a bird and old doggy).  

Lastly, it's time to add the super glue and put that monument on the dish:

And finally, we have the finished products:

Not too bad if I do say so myself, for a project that arrived in 2 days and only cost me $9 plus tax.  I've already purchased another so you should be seeing that one soon!

I hope you enjoyed this craft and learning about Darby Smart.  I really recommend it for someone who's passionate about crafting but might not always have the time to get the supplies… or if you're like me; you might just need a website to choose the craft for you since you really just want to do EVERYTHING!