Monday, January 27, 2014

How It All Started...

I've always enjoyed hands-on crafts.  Even the ones I'm not quite good at, I really just enjoy giving it a try.  So, I'm sure you'll see a few fails down the road but hopefully it gives you some entertainment or at least some ideas of our own.

One of the first few craft fads that I got hooked on was SCRAPBOOKING!  By now, I've spent way too much money and had to buy storage boxes to organize it all.  At this point, I've scrapbooked the past four years of my life.  I've done all four years of college (in one book due to lack of photographic evidence) as well as my last three summers spent in Nantucket.  Where do I go now?  Re-vamp my own childhood with the flourishes that scrapbooking of the 1980s fails to achieve?  I hardly take enough pictures to make a scrapbook for every event and family function.

On the left is a page from my college scrapbook.
On the right is a page from my Nannying in Nantucket scrapbook.

Trust me, this is only a small portion of my  supplies.

One of my containers.  I've expanded recently.

One idea that I've developed, is to scour my room for pieces of my youth and memories that I've refused to throw away.  Programs from school musicals, concert ticket stubs, love letters from my 6th grade boyfriend; all things I've held onto that never fail to make me smile.  They sit, collected, in a large storage container waiting to be sorted and put into scrapbooks... 

I was sitting in my parents house writing this when suddenly, I stopped.  I trudged up the stairs and into my childhood bedroom.  There it sat, that menacing storage container.  Determined to do SOMETHING with it, I hauled it down the stairs; feeling a familiar ache in my lower back.  Last night, I brought it back to my "apartment" aka the upstairs of my grandmother's house; laid it all out in piles and used various shoe boxes and organizers to hold it all.  It now sits in several boxes divided up into "Family", "School-Age", "4-H", "Nannying" and "College".  There's also a random bin filled with things that failed to find their own place.  It's an unsightly mess sitting in the corner of my room, so now I'm going to HAVE to do something about it.  First, I'm determined to scan all of the pre-digital photos into my computer.  Then it's going to have to be scrapbooked.  Stay tuned...

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