Monday, January 27, 2014

My Inspiration

Of course I can't say that this was my first craft...  After all, gluing marshmallows in the shapes of constellations in Kindergarten was a craft.  But let's just say that my taste in crafting has blossomed as I've gotten older.  Now, instead of Joey S. eating my marshmallows, my biggest problem is how to focus on one thing!

I am constantly saving scraps from magazines with ideas that I want to duplicate or creating ideas in my head that I want to accomplish.  What to do with them all and how to get it all done?!?!

My obsession has increased in the last few months...  I was inspired by a fellow bloggers post about making an inspiration board.  Check her out at Chic Geek Design listed in my Blogs of Interest.  I WISH mine had come out as classy as her picture, but I made due with what I had.  My inspiration board is made of my favorite colors and shapes, all hand painted, glued and decorated with some of my dreams and crafting goals.

I used cork adhesive squares on a pieces of thin board. 
Then I cut rounded cork for embellishments along with
the green painted clothespins and circles which allow more space
to pin goodies.

This inspiration board helps me focus on the plans I've got and keeps me on track and able to build more plans.  It sits on the wall next to my desk, sometimes I hardly remember that it's there but when I do- it makes me smile with all the possibilities of the things I can accomplish...

Filled with ideas...
plus a few faces to brighten my day.

Take a closer look at my Inspiration Board in future posts.

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