Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Kayla Sucy: Amateur Interior Designer

I am obsessed with decorating my living space…  I've mellowed out a little bit since I've been at my current place for going on 3 years but even still, I am always picking up knickknacks or making something to add to my space.

For those who might not know, I live in the upstairs of my grandmother's home.  It is a nice sized room which is the entire second floor of her small home.  The ceilings are slanted which makes it difficult to rearrange but there are lovely built in dressers and book selves in one of the short walls that help a little with the storage.

I started with my color scheme…  Could you guess what my two favorite colors are by looking at my blog?  Of course, it's green and blue.  So I used these colors paired with a tan color to make over my room.

I have my bed with its color matching duvet cover and also a single bed that I've made up to look like a couch, of course using the colors once again.  I'm not sure where I got the idea, but I decided to take a curtain and turn it into my very own canopy.  Take a look:

(excuse the wrinkly bed!)

I used curtain rods at both ends, however the one and the head of the bed is more for show.  The curtain is actually nailed into the wall at the head of the bed with small hidden nails.

My chandelier is the pride and joy of my bedroom.  It has pretty lotus-like flowers all over, the bottom one twists out and has a place to put a candle.  I used battery operated candles to avoid wax dripping especially if it were to get bumped…  which may or may not have happened before.   I found the chandelier at Marshall's for $14.99.  What a steal!  They even had a larger one that I stopped myself from buying.  I've found that Marshall's is incredible for home goods.  The deals are amazing and if you go in there often enough then you're bound to find something amazing.

(You can see my built in drawers with my painted knobs)

My lamp and side table are from Kirklands.  Another great home goods store with really reasonable prices.  I have two lounge chairs in my room from Kirklands too and a few other miscellaneous items (also matching my color scheme).

The candle and lotus candle holder are other Marshall's items that I picked up for just a few dollar as little accent pieces.

Lastly, I'll share with you a piece that I created for my place.  I have one full height wall (without a window) in my place and it's probably only five feet wide.  It's the only wall I can put my dresser against.  Needless to say, it needed some artwork.  Check it out:

It was very simple.  I purchased a pack of nine 3x3inch canvases, two paint stamps, and the colors of my choice.  It all came together very easily.  I chose a pattern for my colors and decided where I wanted the stamps.  I suggest it for anyone looking to add a little something to their space.

I can't wait to show you some more of the items I've made for my home, jewelry and all sorts of random fun crafts!

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