Monday, January 27, 2014

The Amazing Maze of Social Media

So, if you've read my previous blogs you're probably wondering why I posted three posts on the same day…  Well to answer your question easily: they were previously posted to another blog of mine.  Why did I do that, you might ask?  Let me explain.

It's nice to have new ideas.  My ideas have given me so many of my favorite projects.  Like my shadowboxed shark teeth collection, my excursion into the area of painting, and many others... all of which I would love to share with you soon so keep an eye out!

These ideas become a problem when they start to become a little less cohesive.  For example, I have my personal Facebook account.  Under that account, I have several pages I administrate such as my Mary Kay business page and my Kayla's Creation's page which started as an outlet for my Etsy store.  Then I have two gmail/google accounts.  One started out as my personal email as a teenager and then I decided to go for a more professional sounding email…  Each account has it's own google+ profile.   Each google+ profile had a blog (very sad blogs).  And then there's my Etsy page.  It has gotten to be too much!

My desktop with my email and Kayla's Creations Facebook & Blog.

So what do I possibly get rid of?  Or better yet, what can I merge.  So I merged my blogs under one google+ account and essentially deleted the other.  I have to keep both emails, but I continue to use one strictly for business.  My Facebook page continues to be an outlet for myself and both of my businesses.  And my Etsy page continues to grow and be publicized on all my great sources of social media.

My Etsy page really is the foundation for all of this media though.  It started when I realized that I had made so many items from crafting that they only thing I could really do was sell them.  Then, I created the Facebook page to bring up revenue.  And lastly, I created the this blog to document all of my crafting adventures.

I'm trying to master my various forms of social media, so forgive me if you find yourself without an update.  I'll do my best to keep the gears turning on my end.  I've got plans to redo all of my jewelry items with Sterling Silver and silver/gold plated findings which will greatly improve the quality of my jewelry.  I've also got some great new projects coming in the mail from a place called  I'm very excited for some new things and even more excited to share.  So please stick it out with me and I'll try to keep you amused!

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